Zero Emissions Landscaping

Zero Emissions


Green Way’s range of battery power equipment covers just about every green space task in any Weather, from pruning to tuning, mowing to blowing. 

Reduced Noise


Our customers love clear pathways, lawns, parking lots and green spaces. But they don’t always like the noise in the smoke it can take to get them. 

Lower Costs


Since every charge costs a fraction of refueling a gas tank your pay less for services. You can rest assured with a peace of mind knowing you have made a difference in the environment. 


Professional Equipment

Green Way‘s professional battery powered equipment is quieter and free from direct emissions they’re a more sustainable customer-friendly way to clear leaves and other debris fast. And because the low noise we can start work earlier and we can finish later with no refueling and low maintenance and we can pass that savings to our customers your customers will love the convenience too.